FG stops compulsory PCR test for air travellers

FG stops compulsory PCR test for air travellers

In its latest COVID-19 health guideline for the aviation industry, the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has cancelled the compulsory COVID-19 test regardless of vaccination status.

In a memo signed by NCAA director-general Musa Nuhu, the federal government noted that because the COVID-19 pandemic “has been persistently rare in Nigeria and most of the rest of the world,” the preexisting regulations were relaxed.

“Pre-departure and Post-arrival COVID-19 PCR tests are no longer required for all passengers irrespective of vaccination status,” the memo stated. “PCR tests required for all passengers who are partially/not fully vaccinated have been suspended.”

According to the NCAA, wearing a face mask onboard aircraft or inside airport terminal buildings is discretionary but recommended, including washing hands with water and soap, using hand sanitisers, and avoiding large gatherings for people 60 years and older, immune-compromised individuals, and people with co-morbidities.

The guideline further stated that upholding social distance at airport terminal buildings and sanitising bags at the entrance would no longer be necessary.

Airlines were directed to resume serving meals and drinks onboard aircraft and recommended that passengers and airport workers use an alcohol-based sanitiser.

Health declaration forms and permission to travel/QR code would no longer be required, stated the NCAA. 

However, all passengers travelling to Nigeria are required to fill out a simplified health questionnaire form (non-COVID-19 specific) on the Nigerian International Travel Portal, preferably before departure.

The NCAA explained that passengers who do not complete the health questionnaire on the NITP before departure would be required to complete it either onboard the aircraft before landing or at the airport terminal building upon arrival.

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