Someday, My Soul Will Find Yours

Someday, My Soul Will Find Yours

A heartbroken man identified as Kenneth Kelvin,has taken to Facebook to mourn his girlfriend one-year after her demise.

In the post he shared on Sunday, December 11, 2022, Kenneth said Minatulan-aziba died in a fatal motor accident last year, eleven days after she arrived in Nigeria after four years abroad.

“Today marks exactly one year since I lost you Minatulan-aziba my treasure. You arrived Nigeria on the 30th of November last year from abroad and died on the 11th of December in that ghastly accident in kaduna, your four years in abroad were safe, you landed Nigeria safely, I blame myself for allowing you come back to Nigeria,”

“Sweetheart, someday my soul will find yours. Nothing can heal the sorrow of your leaving, life is somehow unfair. It seems like we met yesterday, but now you’re on the other side. Dear, you decided to leave me on the 11th of December last year.

“To date, you continue to live in my memories, i believe one day we shall meet and celebrate again. Regardless of the days and nights passing since your departure, I miss you the same i did the first day. The pain is too much and will never leave. I hope your after life is kind to you, i hope you are in a better place. As am typing with this tears rolling down my eyes, i continue praying for the peace of your departed soul. RIP Love,”

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