Your Family Members Abroad Aren’t Your ATM

Your Family Members Abroad Aren’t Your ATM

Bisi Alimi, one of Nigeria’s gay popular rights activists has warned Nigerians expecting tithes from their relatives abroad to stop the habit.

Some Nigerians abroad have taken to social media recently to plead with Nigerians in Nigeria to reduce the way they ask for financial assistance as life isn’t as rosy abroad as they think. 

Reacting to this trend, Bisi sent a reminder to Nigerians that their families or friends overseas are not Automated Teller Machines (ATM).

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According to the activist, those overseas are not working round the clock so those at home will collect ten percent at the end of the month.

He wrote: “Dear Nigerians, your friends, lovers and families abroad are not your ATM! They are not working 9-5 so you can collect tithes at the end of the month.”

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