Teni surprises dream catchers kids with a bountiful shopping spree

Teni surprises dream catchers kids with a bountiful shopping spree

In an extraordinary display of generosity and flair, Nigerian musical sensation Teni recently surprised the children of Dreamcatcher’s foundation with a series of delightful experiences. The “Billionaire” crooner, known for her soulful voice and vibrant personality, has once again captured hearts, this time off-stage, with her kind-hearted gestures.

The series of events began with Teni treating the children to a personalized cinema experience, creating a memorable day for these young, innovative minds. But the surprises didn’t stop there. Just when the kids thought their day couldn’t get any better, Teni escalated the excitement with a massive shopping spree.

A heartwarming video that went viral shows the children, filled with joy, adding everything from noodles to bags of rice and various dairy products to their carts. Some were even seen ambitiously lugging items heavier and bigger than themselves, showcasing the limitless nature of the spree.

This generous act did not go unnoticed. Social media platforms and Twitter have been abuzz with praises for Teni. Users commended her for her thoughtful initiative, highlighting how she went above and beyond to bring joy to these children.

Beyond her generosity, Teni has also been in the news for her personal journey. In November 2022, she revealed details about an alleged surgery she underwent following her impressive weight loss. Amidst widespread speculations of a weight loss surgery, Teni clarified that her transformation was the result of hard work, not surgical procedures. She proudly shared her achievement of shedding 75 pounds, inspiring many with her dedication and determination.

Further capturing public attention, Teni showcased her unique style in the same month by revealing her diamond grills. This bold fashion statement, costing millions of Naira, became a talking point, with Teni humorously stating that kissing her should be seen as a privilege, given the value of her sparkling accessory.

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