“Police Released My Son’s Body To His Father, But He’s Refusing To Bury Him” – Mohbad’s Mother Cries Out (Video)

“Police Released My Son’s Body To His Father, But He’s Refusing To Bury Him” – Mohbad’s Mother Cries Out (Video)

Following the release of Late Mohbad’s corpse by Police, his mother has cried out for help on his father’s refusal to bury him.

In her native tongue Yoruba, Mohbad’s mother revealed that the singer’s body was released for burial as soon as the police completed the singer’s autopsy, but the singer’s father refused to bury him.

She added that she went to see the commissioner of police to complain but he tackled her, asking if the family of the singer were happy about his demise, hence their refusal to bury him.

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In her outcry, she said; “Nigerians, please come to my aid. I pray you all won’t lose your children. They released Mohbad’s body immediately after the autopsy but his dad is the one holding on to him and not allowing us to re-bury him.

I begged him Severally but he refused then I thought of what to do , I went to the commissioner of police last week to complain , the commissioner tackled me that are we happy that our son is dead, why have we not buried him, why are we allowing his corpse to be lying there useless and making the dead suffer, but I just let go of what Mohbad dad is doing and saying because I do not want drama and God is my vindicator, I am calling on all true mothers and Nigerians at large to please come to my aid so we can bury my son, my son is restless, he is running about, even me I do not have rest of mind, this is the help I want from you all, it’s not as if I cannot reply Mohbad dad in all he has been saying, but I hand over everything to God, he will judge us both, I have a lot to say but I won’t say anything, why will my child d1e and I will be granting interviews and allowing people make money off my d3ad son, a son that loves us, that takes care of us, that fears us, A child that I carried from Gods back, I am begging Nigerians not to ignore my son’s corpse, he is not a d3ad goat nor a d3ad dog, he is a Human being,please all the youths and mohbad friends should also support me and let’s bury him, do not let anyone start using his d3ath to cash out, see how my son is being treated , he was beaten to d3ath now see how they are treating his body.

Baba Tinubu Please come to my aid and help me bury my son so he can have peace and rest. I want you all to help me bury my son. I am not begging for money; I just want my son to rest. I leave the rest to God; he rewards everyone accordingly, and God will avenge his death. They are using my son’s death to make money online, so they pray to experience such misfortune too? I told everyone trying to interview me that I was not interested because there was nothing to be happy about my son’s death; they took him from me, and he needs to find rest now and be reburied. Mohbad mother cries out”.



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