“Why feed us? Why can’t you just employ us?” Yvonne Jegede tackles Governor Sanwo Olu over hardship in the country

“Why feed us? Why can’t you just employ us?” Yvonne Jegede tackles Governor Sanwo Olu over hardship in the country

Nollywood actress, Yvonne Jegede has tackled the Governor of Lagos, Sanwo Olu over the economic hardship.

Taking to her Instagram page, she questioned why the governor is feeding Lagosians, rather than employing them. She noted how the governor can employ people to dig sewages, lay pipes underground, and sweep streets and pay them minimum wage.

She further questioned why he would prefer to feed citizens as she noted how taxpayers have been reduced to beggars. The mother of one questioned when someone would have mercy on the citizens and pity them.

“Sanwo Olu, why feed us? Why can’t you just employ us? Get people out to stray digging sewages, laying pipes underground, sweeping the streets, and paying them as little minimum wage, since the industrial sector is almost dead. Why would you even prefer to feed your citizens “Mama Put”? Taxpayers have been reduced to beggars. When will someone just have mercy on us? When will someone just feel pity for this great country?”.

“Someone in the presidency should please just be sorry for us, please 🙏🏽, we are not even doing shakara at this point. We all know that at this point NOBODY is happy with this situation”.

Days back, Laura Ikeji, had addressed President Tinubu over the current Nigerian economy.

In her Instagram story, she pleaded and begged the Nigerian government while she even sacrificed herself to step in to assist the government as the current Nigerian economy is rapidly declining.

Also, Mercy Aigbe made a passionate appeal to the son of the President, Seyi Tinubu, noting how people are hungry and dying in the country over the economy.

She asserted that the present situation of the country is terrible and she urged the government to do something about it. In a message to Seyi Tinubu, she appealed to him to talk to his father on their behalf.

Meanwhile, Seyi Tinubu had pleaded with Nigerians to endure the current economic hardship in the country.

According to him, enduring the trying time was necessary for Nigeria to have a better future, as he noted that the recent tough decisions made by his father, should have been taken years ago.

Expressing optimism for the future, Seyi Tinubu stated that although challenges persist, the nation’s outlook is promising.

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