We Will Fight Tinubu If He Fails To Do It Right

We Will Fight Tinubu If He Fails To Do It Right

Renowned Nigerian poet, Odia Ofeimun, has urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to fulfil his responsibilities to the Nigerian people as promised during his election campaigns.

The Intellectual said should the Nigerian leader fail to do so, they will fight him.

Naija News understands that Ofeimun made these remarks during the January Reading and Writers Dialogue organized by the Abuja Chapter of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA).

He emphasized that there are various external forces, particularly from the West, that are working against the president’s efforts to do what is right for his citizens.

However, Ofeimun also emphasized that if the president allows fear of these foreign threats to hinder his ability to address internal issues, then it will be the responsibility of Nigerians to oppose him.

“If today, Tinubu tries to do it right, they will fight him, but if because they will fight him, he refuses to do it right; it is our turn to fight him,” Ofeimun declared.

Ofeimun emphasized the importance of education, particularly advocating for its free provision in Nigeria. He stated that every president should support the concept of free education for the betterment of Nigerian children.

“Because in my study of human development, whether in the economy or political science classes, I had come to agree that the societies that give free education are more likely to be developed societies than others.

“The Chinese today are outstripping the Americans because America is making it difficult; you need to be dripping blood from your body in order to get something good, even in education.

“But you see, what the Chinese have done is that by keeping the ground level, every child is in a position to contribute to what can wipe out whatever difficulties in the society. They do not have to be supported by the state in order to think. As long as they can think, they can outstrip whatever any state affair might put in their way.

“If you are giving a society of 400 farmers and you turn all of them into educated people and you have a sense of technology that can enable every member of that society to contribute to it, they dominate any society. What our leaders are doing by not giving education the kind of outstanding responsibilities that we should do in our society is that they are impoverishing every one of us.

“If you produce two bars of clothes every day and you train one person to do what 200 can do, you do not need to go to the society and worry because you already know the society is already in front and it will remain in front; which is why the Chinese are building roads over water everywhere.

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“Think of the population of 250 million people; each of them is producing as they should; Nigeria will take care of the whole of Africa,” Channels Television quoted Ofeimun stating.

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