Watch As Funke Akindele storms Celestial Church of Christ Ogun State for prayers (Video)

Watch As Funke Akindele storms Celestial Church of Christ Ogun State for prayers (Video)

Nollywood actress and Lagos deputy governship candidate, Funke Akindele recently stormed Celestial Church of Christ members in Ogun State.

The actress and mum of twin boys solicited prayers at the annual gathering of Celestial Church in Imeko, Ogun State.

While addressing the crowd on Saturday, December 24th, Akindele sang her favorite song of worship. She said that in anything one does, he or she must put God first and be well mannered.

She added that they must behave like this who wear the white clothes and behave like a ‘Celestial mother.

“Anything we do we must put God first. We have to be must be well mannered. We must behave like those who wear white cloth. We have to behave like a ‘Celestial’ mother.

We must not forget our source. Don’t forget your God. God be with you. All I want is prayer. Keep praying for me”.

Funke Akindele goes into trance in Celestial Church

This isn’t the first time, Funke Akindele is storming a celestial church.

Months back, Funke Akindele stirred reactions as she went into a trance while worshiping with Christ Celestial Church in Lagos.

Funke Akindele had stirred the crowd as she made a deep revelation about her religious foundation.

A video that found its way online captured the mother of twin boys rocking the famous Celestial white garmet while she revealed how she was connected to the Celestial Church of Christ’s body.

Funke claimed she was born and brought up as a celestial, and she is a lost sheep that came back to its foundation.

Following Funke Akindele’s deep revelation about her religious origin, the crowd roared with cheers on her return as a member.

The viral video had trailed mixed reactions as many claimed Funke Akindele’s move was fueled by her political ambitions.

The politician was spotted dancing and worshipping with the church’s white garment, then suddenly she was touched by the spirit and went into trance.

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