Uproar in senate over minority leadership appointments

Uproar in senate over minority leadership appointments

There was a mild drama in the Senate on Tuesday over the emergence of Benue South Senator, Abba Morro as the Senate Minority Leader and Enugu West Senator, Osita Ngwu as Minority Whip.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) members replaced Simon Mwadkwon, senator representing Plateau north; and Darlington Nwokocha, senator representing Abia central, following their sack by the Court.

Soon after Akpabio finished reading the announcements said to be from the minority caucus, an altercation ensued on the floor of parliament.

Labour Party Senator from Anambra North, Tony Nwoye, condemned Akpabio’s decision to choose leaders for the senators, stressing that it was unfair.

Yelling at Akpabio, Nwoye said: “Are we your slaves? Why will the senate president be picking leaders for us?”

“You have done your worst. You have pushed us to the wall. Meaning what? It is unfair. It is not about me, it is about the institution of the state.”

After some senators pacified Nwoye, Akpabio explained that the two minority leaders had shown the signatories of the senators who agreed with the decision.

“Minority put your house in order first,” he said.

“The senate president can only work with what is before me. You have senator Abaribe and Aliero, their names are not here,” he added.

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