No One Will Remember Obidients By 2027

“No One Will Remember Obidients By 2027”

Former aviation minister, Femi Fani-Kayode has predicted that no one will remember supporters of Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, famously identified as ‘Obidients’ in the 2027 general election.

In a post via his X handle on Thursday, the controversial All Progressive Congress chieftain, who tagged Obi’s supporters as a bunch of self-serving and lawless psychopaths, said that they would have been dumped and relegated by the 2027 general election.

“Truth is that the Obidients are nothing but a bunch of self-serving, self-seeking, lawless, ferral psychopaths who are motivated by religious & ethnic bigotry.

“By 2027 no one will remember them because by then they would have been dumped & relegated to the foul-smelling & notoriously filthy dustbin of history.

“By 2027 an Obidient will be regarded as nothing but an affliction, a plague & a by-word for porn movies & horror shows,” Fani-Kayode in an article published on his official X handle said.

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“5 months down the line he & his camp have not been able to get over their devastating trouncing at the polls & are still smarting from the pain. They did not even manage to come 2nd in the election but instead came 3rd,” he added.

“Why won’t they scream & holler like a fishmonger’s wife that’s on heat given the fact that their pants were removed before the world & they were badly humiliated in the election.

“If anyone expected anything else from them, then they still don’t know who they are & what they represent.

“If there is one group of Nigerians that need to be dropped into the hottest spot in Gaza & left there forever it is the Obidients.”

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