MTN spending millions on Ads but will not invest in good network – Daniel Regha

MTN spending millions on Ads but will not invest in good network – Daniel Regha

The outspoken Twitter personality Daniel Regha has once again taken center stage, this time directing his commentary towards Internet Service Provider MTN.

In a recent statement, Daniel Regha didn’t mince words as he lambasted Nigerian network providers, accusing them of misplacing their priorities by channeling funds into advertising rather than addressing persistent issues of poor network quality, particularly targeting MTN.

Expressing his frustration, Daniel Regha highlighted the millions spent on advertisements by these network giants, juxtaposed against the ongoing complaints from dissatisfied customers regarding subpar network services. His pointed critique extended to banks, drawing a parallel with Internet Service Providers, accusing both of prioritizing promotional campaigns over improving the quality of their services.

”Daniel Regha @ @DanielRegha-3h

Nigerian network providers will spend millions to run adverts, but won’t invest into fixing their poor network (despite many complains from customers); Especially MT. Same with banks.

Misplaced priorities.”

Daniel Regha’s sharp commentary comes on the heels of his recent social media call-out directed at Ilebaye, criticizing the morality exhibited by some individuals deemed as role models, particularly BBN individuals. The recent controversy surrounds Ilebaye’s attire at the Martell party, an event hosted by Davido’s brand, where she donned a risqué and revealing outfit that stirred a storm of reactions.

Daniel Regha had made headlines by questioning the moral values of individuals associated with Big Brother Nigeria, specifically calling out Ilebaye for her outfit choices and suggesting that the reality show may be producing role models with questionable moral standards.

Adding to his string of criticisms, Daniel Regha also recently slammed Mr. Ibu’s family over their handling of private matters. Following reports of Mr. Ibu undergoing an amputation procedure on one of his legs, the family shared the news on social media. Daniel Regha, however, voiced his disapproval, urging the family to exercise more discretion and avoid hastily sharing every minor detail with the outside world.

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