Leon Edwards Defeats Kamaru Usman Again

Leon Edwards Defeats Kamaru Usman Again

British mixed martial artist, Leon Edwards has beaten Nigerian kick-boxer Kamaru Usman for the second successive time to retain his welterweight title.

Edwards and Usman met at the 02 Arena in London on Saturday night for the much-anticipated trilogy bout and the British kick-boxer got the better of the Nigerian star again.

Naija News recalls that Edwards defeated Kamaru with a spectacular head kick in UFC 286 in London in August last year. Hence, the bout on Saturday was supposed to be an opportunity for Kamaru to revenge but he was unable to do so.

Edwards made contact with Kamaru’s left hand early in the first round as Usman gradually increased pressure throughout the rounds. But Edwards successfully avoided a takedown attempt against the cage with a flurry of body kicks, which was enough for him to take the first round.

He then immediately entered the second round, concentrating on Kamaru’s legs before briefly bringing his opponent to the floor with a knee to the head. But Kamaru responded by striking Edwards with a right hand, ultimately knocking him to the ground. Yet, the British fighter’s striking was more precise over the opening 10 minutes.

Early in the third round, Kamaru secured another takedown to go further in the fight. And he had a boost when Edwards lost a point for clutching the cage, which might have turned the fight in his favor.

In round four, Edwards continued to display great takedown defense while attacking his opponent’s legs. In the first few seconds of the final five minutes, Edwards finally fired a head kick, but Kamaru blocked it. The Brit then turned his attention to Kamaru’s body to outlast him.

With 90 seconds left, Usman managed a final takedown, but Edwards simply got back up and finished the fight before the judges gave him the victory with scores of 48-46, 48, 46, and 47-47.

“He didn’t get any takedowns and I was defending multiple of his shots,” Edwards said after his victory over Kamaru on Saturday night. “I want to say thank you to him, he’s been a great competitor. I was trying to get the head kick, but fair play to him because he had a perfect defense.”

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