Knorr Eativist Anu Bakre on Navigating Her New Life Since Becoming a Mum of Two

Knorr Eativist Anu Bakre on Navigating Her New Life Since Becoming a Mum of Two

Beyond curated feeds and picture-perfect plates, Anu Bakre finds inspiration in the everyday joy of family life. Today, she joins us for an insightful conversation, sharing her unique perspective on navigating life’s delicious twists and turns. From embracing parenthood’s adventures to fueling the Knorr Eativist movement, Anu inspires us to find nourishment in everyday moments.

● As a mother and a successful entrepreneur, how has being a Knorr Eativist shaped your dynamic lifestyle and inspired the preparation of healthy meals in your family?Anu Bakre: As a breastfeeding mum, food for me has gone beyond what I enjoy eating. I am actively thinking about how best to keep the whole family nourished. From the breastfeeding baby to the fast-growing toddler, to a husband who is super active round the clock. I have to eat properly, infusing all possible nutrients in my food. From carbs and protein to loads of veggies and fruits so my baby gets all the necessary nutrients. I also have to prepare different food options so the toddler being introduced to food can be accustomed to a lot of variety in his diet. As young Eativists, that’s the best way to start them off.For myself and my husband, we eat the same thing, but he opts for more protein and veggies with fewer carbs; I join him on that, but then the remaining eba and rice will definitely not waste lol.

● What are your favourite quick and healthy meals that cater to the whole family?Anu Bakre: First on the list will be noodles with loads of shredded bell peppers, ginger and garlic with available protein options. Our fav is Eja kika or Suya, Jollof rice with sides of salad and turkey, Poundo and vegetables, Seafood salad, Plantain or Yam and fried eggs accompanied with freshly squeezed juice.

● Having children is an ultimate life changer as it changes perspectives. How has this shifted your focus to the things your family eats, with emphasis on your children?Anu Bakre: As earlier mentioned, I had to start exploring more after having kids. I had to up my nutrition as my body needed it, and the babies also while breastfeeding. As children grow, we must keep their meals balanced as they need all the nutrients they can get. When our parents were growing up, it was a lot of rice, swallow, yam, beans, and those quick go-to foods. But for the new and trendy parents, the goal is to do better for our kids than we had it. I want my kids to open their lunch boxes and be excited about the delicacies they have to enjoy or be super excited when it’s food time at home. Food definitely is a way to bond with the family and create timeless moments.

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