“It’s Humbling To Stay Married”

“It’s Humbling To Stay Married”

Social media pundit and relationship expert Solomon Buchi had disclosed a crucial aspect of marriage.

He recently said on Twitter that marriage is the one institution that helps a lot of individuals feel more at ease.

Solomon emphasised that it calms down couples, and that marriage imparts lessons on stubbornness as well.

He went on to say that getting married teaches people to be more tolerant and gentle with one another.

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He wrote,

“Marriage calms you down, it tames you, it teaches you that life is not by reckless stubbornness. I guess because marriage reveals your flaws and depels vulnerabilities, it’s easy to be humble. You grow into being a bit more gentle, a bit more patient and wholesome because you’re not all that you think. Your spouse is a reminder that someone knows your nastiest underwear and your secret flaws. This is humbling. It is humbling to be and to stay married.”

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