Crop top couture: Learn versatile ways to style crop tops like a fashionista

Crop top couture: Learn versatile ways to style crop tops like a fashionista

There has been a rave for crop tops in the fashion industry since the early nineties, and people have gotten more creative over time. While this piece of clothing may not be the first option for most people, the fact still remains that it is fun to wear if styled appropriately. If you’re looking for versatile ways to style your crop tops, then this article is your holy grail. A few styling options for crop tops will be shared below.

The first outfit here is a cute mini crop top with a ruffle design, and it was paired with baggy denim trousers, which gave it a soft and chic look. Paired with this outfit are pair of black shoes, and a cute handbag that completed the look.

This second outfit shows just how versatile styling crop tops can be. The crop top in this picture has long sleeves, and it was paired with a long black skirt with a daring slit by the side. This is the type of outfit that you show up to a date night with. It is bound to turn heads, and make you look classy at the same time.

If you like outfits that come with a dramatic flair, then you’re going to love this third outfit. The outfit in question consists of a white crop top, paired with a matching skirt, and a ruffle designed kimono that brought all the drama needed for the outfit.

Fourth on the list is a lovely crop top with only one full sleeve, and it was paired with denim trousers with print on it. This outfit is a clear definition of street style, and it will help you make a fashion statement.

The last outfit in this article is a clear representation of a feminine outfit. It consists of a black fitted crop top, paired with a matching form fitting maxi skirt with a v-shaped waistline. The style of the waistline will help to accentuate the waistline of anyone who wears it, therefore creating an hourglass figure illusion.

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