6 Must-Play Mobile Games of 2021

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The mobile gaming market is constantly being expanded with exciting new titles to download and try out, with shifting player habits and trends giving newcomers and veterans alike something fresh to experience.

With that in mind, here is a selection of the upcoming mobile games that you will simply have to play in 2021 if you want to keep up with the latest developments.

Apex Legends Mobile

Expected to launch on smartphones and tablets in the next few months, the portable adaptation of the hit desktop first-person shooter Apex Legends will have fans excited to see what fun they can have while on the move.

If you have never picked it up before, this is a free-to-play action game in the same vein as Fortnite, but with an emphasis on intense gunplay rather than structure-building.

Tens of millions of players are still hooked on Apex Legends, and the mobile iteration should introduce even more fans to its delights.

Ninja vs Samurai

Immerse yourself in Japanese culture and the ancient history of its warrior classes in this engaging, high-flying slot game from developer PSG. Slots games like this, along with ライブカジノ (live casino) games, are popular both in Japan and elsewhere worldwide, with the phenomenon boosted further thanks to smartphone-compatible games like Ninja vs Samurai.

Stylish animations, slick graphics, entertaining sound effects and cool bonus features all come together to make this game one to watch for slots fans. And if this theme isn’t to your tastes, there are literally thousands of other modern online slot games to take for a spin this year.

Warhammer: Odyssey

The Warhammer universe is much loved worldwide and has spawned plenty of videogame adaptations over the years, the latest of which is set to be a mobile-exclusive MMORPG that will be available on Android and iOS devices alike.

Players will be able to create characters across a number of classes, ranging from spell-flinging arch-mages to dwarven engineers and warrior-priests.

Pre-registration is already open and the game should go live in the near future, ushering in an era of immersive multiplayer RPG fun that is built from the ground up for mobile phones.

Vainglory All Stars

Using the same characters as the established Vainglory universe, but transposing these into a more compact team-based, top-down battle-brawler, this All Stars edition will cater to the specifics of smartphone play and aims to deliver intense, tactical action on the move.

While still awaiting its first round of beta testing, Vainglory All Stars is sure to set app stores alight when it finally goes live later in 2021.

Devil May Cry Mobile

The over-the-top combat and platform-puzzling of Devil May Cry has been a staple of home consoles for two decades now, so it is high time that a mobile version arrived to give portable players something to get stuck into.

Developer Capcom has big plans for Devil May Cry Mobile, the most notable of which is to attempt to recreate much of the same skill-based combat as the full fat versions while still making this accessible to those using a touchscreen rather than a controller.

Total War: Elysium

The strategy-oriented styling of the Total War series is being translated into a collectible card game for mobile players this year, and as you would expect it will source its units and character classes from historical fact, rather than fantastical fiction like most of its rivals.

Whether it will be able to compete with other digital CCGs like Hearthstone remains to be seen, but hopefully, it will make this market more competitive, which is always good for players.

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