“Yul Edochie isn’t paying his children’s school fees nor taking care of them” – May Edochie’s lawyer speaks out as he slams Yvonne Jegede (Video)

“Yul Edochie isn’t paying his children’s school fees nor taking care of them” – May Edochie’s lawyer speaks out as he slams Yvonne Jegede (Video)

Emeka Ugwuonye, the founder of DPA Organization, who is the legal advocate for May Edochie following her divorce from her actor husband, Yul Edochie, has slammed Yvonne Jegede for defending the actor.

Kemi Filani reported that Yvonne, in an interview on the Honest Bunch podcast, defended Yul Edochie for marrying a second wife as she slammed those criticising him and praising Regina Daniels.

Her statement didn’t sit with many social media users who mercilessly dragged her for being insensitive and ignoring May Edochie’s pains.

Following the backlash, she apologised to her fans and May, stating that she didn’t articulate her words properly to convey her trust intentions and acknowledged May’s pains and hardship during her marriage.

Speaking out, Emeka told Yvonne that Yul Edochie doesn’t pay child support or his children’s school fees. He revealed that May is the one taking care of their three children.

He alleged that the actor told his daughter to meet her mother for her financial needs since she was making more money than him. Her lawyer questioned why Yul would go into polygamy, knowing fully well that he couldn’t take care of all his children.

“May is taking care of all the children; she is paying their school fees. Yul isn’t supporting his children as we speak. Yul told his daughter that her mother is making more money than him. You are going into polygamy; you can’t take care of all your children. So please don’t compare the two”.

May’s lawyer isn’t the only one who has slammed Yvonne Jegede. Hours ago, Angela Okorie called Yvonne a failed actress with no pedigree. She slammed her for being insensitive to another woman’s pain as she noted how Yvonne and her cohort PR said she was mad for propaganda.

It is no longer news that Yul Edochie impregnated his junior colleague, Judy Austin and married her without his family’s backing and wife’s blessings. The actor wanted to force his first wife, May Edochie, into polygamy, which she refused and later filed for divorce, seeking N100m as damages.

Despite it all, the actor remains unruffled as days back, he threw a message to his haters, revealing his feelings about people’s opinions of him. He stated that despite being constantly dragged for over 2 years, he was still excelling and doing much better than most of his colleagues, and he added that the hateful comments does not get to him.

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