Yomi Fabiyi’s Baby Mama Berates Him For Referring To Their Son As Mistake

Yomi Fabiyi’s Baby Mama Berates Him For Referring To Their Son As Mistake

Nigerian actress, Grace Jimoh has slammed her baby daddy, filmmaker Yomi Fabiyi, for referring to their son as a mistake in a speech on the country’s high cost of living.

Yomi Fabiyi recently sparked controversy by claiming that the inferior quality of condoms imported into the country resulted in the unintentional birth of his beloved child, Akorede.

He lamented that low-quality condoms were the reason behind unwanted pregnancies and growing living expenses for Nigerians.

According to Yomi Fabiyi, the government should be held liable because his child Akorede was born as a result of the failed family planning strategy.

Following that, Grace Jimoh asserted that Yomi Fabiyi had lied about the birth of their child and had only humiliated her son on Instagram to gain validation, stating that When she found out she was pregnant and told her baby daddy, she observed that he was overjoyed.

Taking aim at the star, Grace Jimoh said he is unfit to be a father and that he was just trying to make her feel bad.

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On her Instagram page, she wrote,

“Ngbeke feeling funky, you wey be say them suppose carry your head go river go wash off dey feel funky, see person wey dey cry say him don get one,

when I broke the news of being pregnant, can you explain how you are being happy? He is now a product of torn condom?? Anything for social media validation, or to make me feel bad ?

Taaa I owe my child the best of life even death, I will do anything in this world to make him happy don’t worry, I will help you out, it’s just a matter of time,

I now see the main reason they ran away with your first child it really worth it, you are not worthy to be called a FATHER.”

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