Why you should take your ex back if you’re missing them – Tolani Baj

Why you should take your ex back if you’re missing them – Tolani Baj

Reality TV star Tolani Baj has recently dished out her reason why women and men should consider going back to their exes. 

Taking to her Instagram, she revealed that she completely supports taking exes back. She went on to express that as long as your ex was not abusive in any form, be it physical or emotional, then home is where the heart is. 

She further stated that if you miss your ex, then you should send them a text message or send them an email if you’re blocked. 

While some netizens did not agree with her statement, others agreed with it as they revealed that sometimes it’s almost difficult and impossible to find somebody better and it’s best to speak with the person that you know. 

Now also recall that Back in August of 2023, Tolani Baj had revealed that she needed a break from men. This outcry came following the backlash that she received from her relationship with Neo while on the Big Brother Naija All-Stars show. 

While on the show, she was noted for her territorial nature towards Neo Akpofure, even going as far as warning other girls and women to stay clear from him. However, after she left the house, he quickly moved on to other females in the house. 

Following all of the backlash that she received, she revealed that she needed a break from men. Also recall that last year, Tolani Baj had revealed that she would not be able to date a man who does not have a passport.

She expressed that her major reason for stating this is because she is somebody who loves to travel and naturally she has to be with a partner who also loves to travel, which entails him having a passport for that to happen. 

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