“Why Will You Sell Cube Of Sugar For Me As House For N80m”

“Why Will You Sell Cube Of Sugar For Me As House For N80m”

Bimbo Ademoye, a popular Nollywood actress, slammed real estate developers in Lekki, Lagos.

The actress claimed in the insta-stories part of her verified Instagram profile today, February 9th 2024, that real estate in Lekki is a case of craziness, citing real estate developers as the key cause.

To bolster her argument, Bimbo posted a video of herself driving, which also revealed the status of a house in Lekki that a real estate developer had completed for about N80 million.

Expressing her dissatisfaction, Bimbo Ademoye compared the Lekki mansion’s small compound to a cube of sugar.

In most cases, most of the houses in Lekki have similar structures.

The actress also discussed how real estate developers make life difficult for the owner who later buys the house because of the limited packing space.

She said that because of the narrower parking spot, a driver of a regular car would have to tilt their vehicle when parking within.

After spending almost N80 million, the actress pointed out that a driver of a Mercedes Benz SUV won’t even be able to park the car inside their own compound.

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She wrote;

“I’m not even going to lie, This upset me to my soul I think some people should be arrested when it comes to real estate. Because why will you sell a cube of sugar for me as a house. Talmbout 80 million.You’re mad!! Sorry for the bad words.”

See some reactions to her post,

arizona_kinghill1:  If not for insecurity that space should be enough, in a good country it won’t be a problem.

the_madressshop: No greenery, no landscaping… person go Dey pass for road dey look you inside your 80 million naira house 😂.

prettytall__gir: You no inspect am ? These people have a way of making houses, rooms look big on camera.

oluwaseyilovert: The windows are the most annoying.

ugodi_bez:  Slice of houses. I hate it, you can’t breathe, no space btw 2 houses. From your window, you can borrow a charger from the next house.

esty_lala_: But for real though spending million on a home and you can’t even park your car is crazy.

prettychinny__: 😂😂😂😂😂😂I am even battling with one currently, kitchen inside room in lekki🤦‍♀️.

_jnr_ali: But you will hear sold out!!!! Who Dey buy am? 😂😂. Dey play!


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