“Why I Stopped Wearing Explicit Outfits”

“Why I Stopped Wearing Explicit Outfits”

Ashmusy, a popular skit maker and influencer, has revealed how she had to rebrand herself and quit wearing clothing that displayed her body after being mistaken for a prostitute.

Speaking in a podcast conversation with Phyna, Ashmusy disclosed that people started to perceive her as a sort of runs girl since she often shows off her body in her videos.

In her words,

“Before I rebranded a few months ago, I used to wear sexy outfits. As a young girl, one would want to show one’s body. I did not know that I was being perceived as a prostitute. Meanwhile, I knew how much I was working behind the camera, running a business, and shooting adverts every day. With all of that, I was able to buy a car and house. It pained me when people insinuated that those things were bought for me by a man.”

Ashmusy went on to say that she had to take a step back and attempt to figure out why people thought that way about her, and After watching her videos, she realised that it was due to her skimpy attires.

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While speaking further, she said,

“I was later in my quiet zone, thinking about why I was being judged that way, despite all my works that they people were seeing. I then started watching my videos, seeing that most times my body was exposed, with my nipples even showing. I was being goofy, but I did not know that people had been looking at something else. I have realised that if one wants to be seen as a prestigious woman, one has to dress accordingly. One cannot be showing (sensitive) parts of one’s body.”

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