“We don’t fuck with ungratefulness” hours after Beauty unfollowed Ilebaye, Phyna does the same

“We don’t fuck with ungratefulness” hours after Beauty unfollowed Ilebaye, Phyna does the same

The latest reality tv drama comes from Phyna, who has thrown what many perceive as heavy shade at Ile Baye, the recent winner of Big Brother Nigeria All-Stars. This development follows the news of them unfollowing each other on social media, a move that has fueled speculation and gossip in the entertainment industry.

Phyna’s recent tweet, where she expressed her disdain for ungratefulness, is seen as a direct jab at Ile Baye. This isn’t the first time Phyna has hinted at such sentiments. After Ile Baye’s victory in the Big Brother Nigeria All-Stars season, Phyna had tweeted about people’s lack of gratitude, which many at the time believed was a veiled reference to Ile Baye. It’s worth noting that Phyna was a vocal supporter of Ile Baye during her stint in the Big Brother house, actively campaigning for her victory.

Adding to the drama, Beauty Tukura, another teality tv star who was following Ile Baye, has also unfollowed her. Unlike Phyna, Beauty did this quietly, without any public explanation, leaving fans and followers to wonder about the reasons behind this sudden decision.

Ile Baye’s actions and choices continue to attract attention. Recently, she made headlines with her fashion choice at Davido’s Martell party. Her decision to wear a very revealing outfit stirred up a mix of reactions. Some speculated that her intention was to seduce Davido, while others defended her, stating that such bold fashion choices are typical for her. The dress, which at one point exposed her fully, was a hot topic among netizens, further fueling the controversy surrounding her.

Ile Baye’s journey in the Big Brother house was also shrouded in controversy. Her win was debated hotly, with some viewers suggesting that she secured victory not on merit but by playing the victim, thereby manipulating audience sympathies. However, in a post-show interview, Ile Baye refuted these claims. She insisted that her win was due to it being her time to shine, and not because she played a victim card.

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