Veekee James celebrates her 29th birthday anniversary, fans send well wishes

Veekee James celebrates her 29th birthday anniversary, fans send well wishes

Celebrity fashion designer Veekee James just turned twenty-nine, and she took to Instagram to celebrate.

She posted a cute video of herself cutting into her birthday cake, and sniffing a flower bouquet, while wearing a white silk robe.

Veekee James’ fans were ecstatic about her birthday, and they trooped to the comment section to celebrate with her.

dewdropscakes wrote, “Happy are my daughters birthday mate…beautiful, strong,intelligent, loving”

luideo wrote, “Twenty plus years ago, a STAR was born. Fast forward to today, nations have come to her light, and kings to the brightness of her dawn. Happy birthday, Baby”

idorenyin_ibanga_ wrote, “My birthday is tomorrow & I don’t know what to do.”

nhn_couture wrote, “Happy birthday my queen. Welcome to your new dawn. It’s from glory to glory. The best is yet to come. You will fulfill destiny in grand style. Congratulations my dear. Heaven is proud of you.”

prettymikeoflagos wrote, “Happy birthday sis”

yatlowagency wrote, “Happy birthday to you Great icon, thank you for always inspiring us with a resilience and make it happen ability. May your years of relevance be a thousand”

zee_s_beautyhub wrote, “Happy birthday ma. May you have many reasons to be thankful each and everyday, you inspire we young women.. God bless you Mrs Atere”

the.catherineonoja wrote, “Happy Birthday Blessed one”

At the age of twenty-nine, Veekee James has achieved quite a lot, and has hit a lot of milestones.

Recently, the celebrity fashion designer got featured on a grace to grass story on CNN, which documented her growth as a designer, starting from her mother’s living room to where she currently is at the top.

Veekee James has worked with a lot of celebrities and styled them for huge events over time, and this has helped to solidify her name as one of the best designers in Nigeria, with emphasis on her signature corset.

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