UNESCO forum: 8 global technology firms commit to ethical AI development and deployment

UNESCO forum: 8 global technology firms commit to ethical AI development and deployment

Global technology firms committed to a UNESCO forum to utilize the ethical development of artificial intelligence systems.

The firms are Lenovo Group, LG AI Research, Mastercard, Microsoft, Salesforce, GSMA, INNIT, and Telefonica, and marks the first time there will be a collaboration between businesses and the UN concerning this technology.

Nairametrics reports that this pledge was made during the inaugural day of the second UNESCO Global Forum on the Ethics of AI in a two-forum in Slovenia which started on Tuesday.

What this means

These eight companies agreed to ensure human rights are guaranteed during the design, development, purchase, sale, and use of AI technology, and take action to address any adverse effects.

A breakdown of their commitment is to uphold human rights throughout the entire lifecycle of AI technology, from design and development to purchase, sale, and use.

They also pledged to conduct due diligence to ensure compliance with safety standards, identify any adverse effects of AI, and take prompt action to prevent, mitigate, or address these effects by domestic laws.

Additionally, the agreement emphasized the significance of rigorous testing before the release of new AI systems to the public. Recognizing the rapid advancement of technology, it called for risk assessments and mitigation strategies post-deployment.

What they said

Audrey Azoulay, UNESCO’s director general, said:

“In November 2021, UNESCO forged a consensus between all its member states to adopt the first global ethical framework for the use of artificial intelligence.
“Today, we are taking another major step by obtaining the same concrete commitment from global tech companies.”

As a result, she urged other technology stakeholders to replicate the action of the eight companies, stressing that cooperation between the public and private sectors is vital for promoting AI advancement for the common good.

About Ethical AI

Ethical AI involves the development and deployment of artificial intelligence systems that focus on being fair, clear, accountable, and respectful of human values.

The best way to do this is to establish, at a minimum, fundamental guiding principles and capabilities for governing AI development such as aligning to ethical values, introducing accountability through an organizational structure, mitigating risk and increasing resilience, detecting and remediating bias, and ensuring human oversight.

So far, UNESCO has been dedicated to assisting member states in leveraging AI technologies to advance the Education 2030 Agenda, while ensuring that its use in educational settings adheres to the fundamental principles of inclusivity and fairness. UNESCO’s mission inherently advocates for an AI approach centred around humanity.

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