“Thunder will fire you if you’re fighting gays” Old video of Verydarkman emerges where he defends gay people

“Thunder will fire you if you’re fighting gays” Old video of Verydarkman emerges where he defends gay people

In a recent development, an old video of VeryDarkMan has emerged where he is seen expressing that netizens and Nigerians should stop fighting gay people.

In the video, he further revealed that if you are fighting gay people, then you are not doing God’s work and that “thunder will fire” those who are.

This particular video was reposted by Bobrisky who VeryDarkMan has been engaging in a heated online argument with for the past couple of days. Bob Risky shared the video on his page while he expressed that VeryDarkMan is an LGBT ambassador.

He further revealed that VeryDarkMan was confused and had mental issues. Now recall that the genesis of their argument started yesterday when VeryDarkMan took to his Instagram page to slam BobRisky for openly coming out as being attracted to the male gender. He further told the Nigerian police force to look into it and make sure that they bring Bob Risky to justice.

He also accused the Nigerian police force of having high men in power who were sleeping with Bob Risky hence why they could not pursue the case. Bob Risky in return has retorted back with a sharp clap back. He revealed that VeryDarkMan had on multiple occasions admitted to the fact that he had sexually satisfied a man for money. However, Bob Risky in return revealed that unlike him, while he was used to doing things with high class men, VeryDarkMan only had sexual acts with broke men.

Now this morning, VeryDarkMan also continued on his tirade as he continued to tag the Nigerian police force to look into it. He also revealed that he was willing to sleep in jail and was willing to sacrifice his freedom to make sure that Bob Risky did not go away scot-free. Bob Risky in return has also taken to his page to continue to share more facts that prove that VeryDarkMan is a hypocrite and is also guilty of the same accusations that he has levelled against him.

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