This Is War! Bella Shmurda breaks silence on Mohbad’s death –

This Is War! Bella Shmurda breaks silence on Mohbad’s death –

Bella Shmurda has finally broken his long silence over Mohbad’s death.

Shmurda and Mohbad were very close pals.
Bella Shmurda breaks silence on Mohbad’s death

In a statement posted on X, Shmurda, says Mohbad’s spirit has not allowed him to rest since he died.

He says, be it street, legal or illegal, he is ready to get justice for Mohbad, and says people like Sam Larry and all Marlians must be ready for him.

He also asked the police to not be weak, and do soemthing fast.

Writing on X, Shurmda wrote: “In the past few days have tried my best not to carry phone nd type anything.

“But Mohbad spirit won’t let me rest knowing I’m the only one make his spirit calm, by making those of them who make him live in fear and almost with nothing to feed on never also get rest.

“And he don start. Yes, I mean wahaLa just wan start like this. I NO GO GREE. And I mean it Samlarry and whole Marlians music must be arrested. Make all of us Dey police and if the Nigerian police are too weak as body to fish these people out, we (will) do it street, legal or illegal.

“Any which way like this war don start. If they all ran out the country which shows that they’re actually guilt of whatever crime were said to have committed by them and they all know they should never come back nd they should ban from entering the country for life.”

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