The season of love is here: Here are five Valentine’s Day dress inspiration from Mercy Eke

The season of love is here: Here are five Valentine’s Day dress inspiration from Mercy Eke

The season of Valentine is here, and the color associated with this widely celebrated event is red. Most ladies who have date nights planned on the fourteenth of February tend to lean towards red dresses because it is the color of the season. While red is a very common color, choosing the style to go with it can be tricky, and that is where this article comes in. Five red dresses from Mercy Eke will be used as a fashion inspiration in this article.

1 The first dress here is a lovely dating dress with no sleeveless apart from the thin ropes holding the dress together around the neck. One of the selling points of this dress is the thigh high slit that gave it a daring appearance. Valentine’s Day is a day to sparkle, so you can add a pair of glittery silver heels and a sparkly purse to complete the look.

2 If you’re into dramatic dresses, then Mercy Eke’s dress in this picture will be perfect for you. This dress has dramatic sleeves that fall to the floor like a cape, and at the end of the material, there are huge glitters attached around it that gives it a sparkly appearance. The rest of the dress was crafted beautifully, with tiny shiny beads attached to it.

3 At number three, we have a gorgeous dress that has a cut out design around the waist, and a high slit by the side. The gloves that Mercy Eke wore added to the ambiance of the look. To top it off, she paired the dress with a lovely pair of white stiletto heels.

4 This fourth dress shows just how versatile Mercy Eke is with choosing her dresses. The dress in question has a corset design to make the waist appear smaller, and it fitted around the hips, which gave Mercy Eke an hourglass figure. However, the star of the show here is the feathers attached to the hem of the dress. It looks amazing, and it gave the dress a luxurious appearance.

5 There is no denying the fact that this last dress looks like it belongs to royalty. If you want to look a little bit extra, Valentine’s Day, then this is the perfect dress for you. A lot of effort was put into the details of this dress, from the embroidery designs, down to the elaborate shoulder pads that made Mercy Eke’s shoulders look elevated. If you wear this dress, you are bound to turn heads, and for good reason. 

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