Technology Which Changed The Smartphone World Forever

The main technology in which we as consumers are so reliant on these days is that of our smartphones which have become an integral of our everyday lives with many of us now being able to go about our everyday lives without the use of our smartphones. Smartphones have come a long way since their first introduction onto the scene and has been due to a number of factors, some of which we investigate below.

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One of the major factors into why smartphones became so successful was due to the touchscreen technology which surprisingly was first shown on the market back in 1992 on the IBM Simon. Although, it wasn’t this phone that was able to benefit from the touchscreen technology and it wasn’t into the original iPhone was released in 2007 that it was normalised on the market and that they used the technology in the right way and paved the way for touch screens to be the norm for all smartphones. Can you actually imagine your phone without a touchscreen now?

However, if we are going to talk of important of which technology changed the smartphone forever though then the seamless roaming whether that be 3G, 4G or now even 5G which has enabled smartphone users to be able to use the internet on the go and don’t have to rely on Wi-Fi to be able to do so. This is something that maybe we take for granted but some industries have been able to use this connectivity to their advantage, especially these credit card casinos which are now experiencing a whole host of new gamblers on their avenues who are playing on the go whether that be out and about, on the commute or even at work, it has ensured that they are able to benefit from the seamless roaming.

And finally, and possible one of the most impressive bits of technology that we have seen introduced onto smartphones in recent times is facial recognition which has now allowed for a more secure environment for smartphone users as they now know that the only way for their phone to be unlocked is through their unique face. Not only that, but can be used to download apps, unlock applications or even pay for things through your face and has certainly been one of the most revolutionary bits of technology added to the smartphone.

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