Taliban flogs 27 Afghan men, women for committing immorality

Taliban flogs 27 Afghan men, women for committing immorality

The Taliban on Wednesday flogged 27 Afghans, including two women, for committing immorality and other crimes.

Witnesses said each man was whipped about 39 times in front of a large audience, including provincial Taliban officials, religious clerics and local elders. 

Some men were also handed prison terms in addition to their torture. 

Recent public punishments of convicts have attracted fierce criticism of the Taliban, but its spokesperson, Zabihullah Mujahid, described the criticism as an interference in the country’s internal affairs. 

“The fact that Afghanistan is being criticised for applying Islamic sentences shows that some countries and organisations have either insufficient knowledge or have problems with Islam, respecting Muslims’ beliefs and laws,” Mr Mujahid stated. 

He added, “This action is an interference in the internal affairs of countries and is reprehensible.”

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