Stop Taxing People, Enough Is Enough

Stop Taxing People, Enough Is Enough

Former President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Dr Samson Ayokunle, has called out President Bola Ahmed Tinubu over his economic policies.

He appealed to Tinubu’s led administration to stop multiple taxations and state agencies amid hardship facing the nation.

The cleric made this known during an interview on ‘Inside Sources with Laolu Akande’, a socio-political programme on Channels Television, today.

Ayokunle urged the federal government to embrace diversity of the economy, by tapping into other sources of revenue, instead of choking Nigerians with tax alone.

He said: “Let’s delve into other aspects of our economy. Nigeria is rich, let’s explore, not just taxing, taxing. If you tax people, people will die. If you continue to tax them and tax them, they will die and if people die without fulfilling their life ambition, you will be held responsible.

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“I know that the present President wants to help Nigerians but he should stop adding tax to tax but enough is enough. How will people survive? How will people breathe?” he asked.

“Tomorrow is not certain for many people with the way we are going and they are still raising more taxes, electricity tariff hike, and others. Where will people get these monies? Don’t you know the amount you pay them per month? Do you want to kill them or drive them away from the country?

“The economy is in shambles. The pains Nigerians are facing is unprecedented. I don’t know what to classify this whether it is hyper-inflation or something else.

“The cost of things has spiralled unimaginably that it is difficult for Nigerians to survive.”

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