“Sharon Ooja or nothing”: Popular skit maker, Sabinus suspends self from billboard

“Sharon Ooja or nothing”: Popular skit maker, Sabinus suspends self from billboard

Popular skit maker Sabinus has taken the bold step of suspending himself from a Showmax billboard to prove his love for actress Sharon Ooja.

The move is the latest in a series of activities Sabinus has embarked on over the last 24 hours to win Sharon’s love. The stunts have now been revealed as a tease for the newly acquired Showmax Original, Dead Serious starring both powerhouses.

The chain of events started with Sabinus publishing a video on social media about looking for a girl to love on the street of Lagos. Frustrated by his fruitless search, he looks online and sets his sights on Sharon Ooja, reaching out to propose spending Valentine’s Day with her. He captions the post, “This Valentine’s, I no go gree for anybody. It’s either @sharonooja or nothing”.

Sabinus then engages popular social media matchmaker Lege Maimii to help win Sharon over. True to Lege’s style of matchmaking, he holds a hilarious Instagram live session with Sabinus and Sharon to help bring Sabinus’ dream to life.

Following the Instagram live session, Sharon challenges Sabinus to take on two key challenges to prove his love for her – suspend himself on a billboard in Lagos and eat ten hot peppered chicken wings.

Sabinus suspended himself to a giant Showmax billboard in Lagos as curious onlookers cheered on. He’s also expected to eat ten peppered chicken wings as his quest to prove his dead serious love for Sharon continues.

Produced and Directed by Moses Inwang, Dead Serious follows the journey of John (Sabinus), the lovable owner of a grocery store in Lagos, who finds himself smitten with Amara (Sharon Ooja). Despite teasing from his sister Vero (Tomama) and friend Pato (NasBoi), who doubt his worthiness, John is determined to win Amara’s heart with his charm and humour.

As their love blossoms, unexpected challenges and comical misadventures ensue, leading John to discover the resilience and unpredictability of life. Dead Serious also stars AMAA-award winner Nkem Owoh, AMVCA nominee, Deyemi Okanlawon, Funny Mallam and Emem Inyang.

In his remark, Inwang said: “Dead Serious is a story of love. Unconditional love that goes beyond every possible obstacle. We are excited to have this on Showmax as Africa gets to see the brilliant work the cast and crew have put in. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I hope this movie speaks to someone out there.”

Dead Serious adds to Showmax’s already diverse Nigerian Original content lineup for February as part of the platform’s rebranding efforts. The lineup includes epic drama series, Cheta M, reality TV series Sadau Sisters; documentary series Freemen, romantic comedy movie The Counsellor; and a new season of the AMVCA-nominated drama series Flawsome.

Dead Serious drops exclusively on Showmax February 14. Join the conversation by following Showmax Nigeria on social media using the hashtag #DeadSeriousShowmax. In January, the platform launched a brand new app with a range of exciting offers including the world’s first mobile only Premiere League streaming.

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