Sarah Martins left speechless as man allegedly gifts her N1million for looking like his late wife

Sarah Martins left speechless as man allegedly gifts her N1million for looking like his late wife

Nollywood actress, Sarah Martins has expressed shock after a man allegedly gifted her N1million for looking like his late wife.

The upcoming actress made this known on her Instagram page as she shared a screenshot of the alert. She claimed that the random man sent her a huge money just for looking like his late wife.

She revealed that the man told her he has been on her page for the past two weeks, going through her pictures and she looks so much like his late wife.

She added that the man asked for her account details to send her money for lunch and she was surprised when she saw a 1 million.

“When a random man sends u 1m for looking like his late wife”

“Him: I’ve been on your page since the past two weeks going through your beautiful pictures.

You look so much like my late wife.

Me: sorry sir

Him: kindly send me your account details I want to buy u lunch.

And that’s how I got an alert of 1m for looking like his late wife”.

Similarly, last year, Bobrisky threw a big shade at runs girls after a fan sent him N1million for looking beautiful.

Sharing a screenshot of the credit alert, Bobrisky claimed that a male fan had sent him the whopping amount to appreciate his beauty. Bobrisky said the fan told him, he didn’t want anything from him.

Describing him as her type of man, Bobrisky bragged about how she received such a huge sum of money without having to do anything, as she threw shade at runs girls.

Recall that after Sarah Martins fell out with her best friend, Judy Austin, she accused the latter of an alleged N1 million debt, stating that she learned the hard way from her, but regardless, she moved.

Calling the attention of close friends of Judy Austin, she told them to remind her of her debt and send back her money, while noting how she worked hard for her money, hence, why she wouldn’t keep quiet.

To prove to people that she isn’t lying or clout chasing, Sarah shared screenshots of her transfers to not only Judy Austin but Yul Edochie. In her caption, she revealed that she gave Judy the money to encourage brands to pay her more to influence their brands because she felt she wasn’t using the publicity that came from her scandal with Yul to enlarge her brand.

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