Reality tv star Praise Nelson graduates from school after 10 years

Reality tv star Praise Nelson graduates from school after 10 years

In an amazing and recent development, former reality TV star Praise Nelson has taken to his Instagram page to share pictures of himself as a graduate.

This journey to being a graduate took him over a decade to accomplish. Taking to his Instagram page, he expressed that he had started this journey in 2013. However, life ended up taking so many turns, but he is proud to finally complete this phase of his life.

In his words, he had this to say,

“Started this journey in 2013. Life took me through so many turns, but I am proud to say I finally completed this phase of my life. Say hello to the newest graduate, Bachelor of Science, Maths, Communication.”


His fellow BBN colleagues took to the comment section to congratulate him on this new achievement.


Now, recall that back in December of 2020, following him just leaving the Big Brother house, Grace had been dragged online for not having any endorsement deals. He had also reacted to it.

He had shared a video of himself dancing on slow motion, which he shared on his social media, a fan had expressed that his dancing videos was one of the reasons why nobody was interested in endorsing him.

The fan also went on to reveal that he dances like a woman and that he should channel his energy on posting better pictures.

In 2021, Praise had revealed that he did not want a second chance with Big Brother Naija. In the interview which dates back in 2021, he was questioned if he would ever jump on the opportunity again if he was given that opportunity and he stated that he would never take it.

He expressed that he has made his mark and he has had his turn and it was time for other people to actually have their own turn.

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