Nigerians Drag Zubby Michael For Not Paying Tribute To Jnr Pope

Nigerians Drag Zubby Michael For Not Paying Tribute To Jnr Pope

Zubby Michaels

Social media users are dragging Nollywood actor, Zubby Michaels for not posting a tribute on his page to mourn his colleague, Jnr Pope, who died in a boat mishap.

Recall that April 10, 2024, marked a tragic day for Nollywood as actor Junior Pope and four other crew members lost their lives in a devastating accident.

The incident occurred when their boat capsized in Anam River, Anambra, while they were returning from a movie location.

Following the tragic deaths, Zubby posted a video on his Instagram page, seemingly relaxed and hanging out with someone.

Despite numerous celebrities publicly expressing condolences, the movie star has refrained from acknowledging Pope’s passing on any of his social media platforms.

Social media erupted with mixed reactions to Zubby Michael’s video, with many wondering why he had not taken to his online platforms to mourn Jnr Pope.

Some argued that the actor might have been experiencing genuine sorrow and didn’t feel the need to express it publicly, while others cast doubt on his friendship with the late Jnr Pope.

Read some of their comments below:

Kingubgentle_ praised Zubby’s authenticity: “This is the only real Nollywood actor. Those fake ones rushed to post about Junior Pope. They rushed to exploit his circumstances for content. God sees.”

Funny Mouth pointed out their strained relationship: “They’re not even on good terms. If you check, they’re not even following each other.”

Splendstar defended Zubby’s choice: “Why are you all shouting that he didn’t mourn Pope? Do you think posting someone on IG is a sign of love? You don’t tell people how to mourn or react to feelings that hurt them. You all should rest or unfollow him if you don’t like his posts. Give it a rest; he’s human too.”

Amakaz Empire questioned Zubby’s behavior: “You were his best man at his wedding. What happened?”

Jyro_baby expressed disappointment: “Zubby, I thought you and Pope were friends.”

Everything Successful suggested showing respect: “I understand your point, but at least for the sake of the last respect, you should post something, boss.”

Ab Star Update urged Zubby to acknowledge Jnr Pope: “Sir, you’re not saying anything about Jnr Pope. You can’t tell me it’s sadness. At least, can’t you pretend even if you don’t want to?”

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