‘Nigerians Also Need Medical Palliatives To Survive’ – Ohuabunwa Tells FG

‘Nigerians Also Need Medical Palliatives To Survive’ – Ohuabunwa Tells FG

Sam Ohuabunwa, former Chairman of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), on Monday, urged the Federal Government to begin distribution of medical palliatives.

This, he said, is to save Nigerians from dying owing to lack of access to quality drugs.

Ohuabunwa, who also served as the former President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, stated this in Arochukwu, Arochukwu Local Government Area of Abia State.

According to him, adopting such a strategy would prevent a significant number of deaths among Nigerians, particularly those from low-income backgrounds who are unable to afford medication or effectively manage their health issues.

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The implementation of medical palliatives, he said, would lessen the adverse effects of the soaring drug prices in pharmacy outlets nationwide.

“There is high inflation in the country and devaluation of the naira. Most of the raw materials and finished materials are imported.

“So, this is why the government should pay attention. While they are paying attention to food palliatives, they should also give medicine palliatives.

“I am hearing about food palliatives. I know that food is good, but Nigerians also need medical palliatives to survive”, Ohuabunwa advised.

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