Nigeria can boost oil production, meet local refining demands by unlocking idle brownfields – Dr. Victor Ekpenyong

Nigeria can boost oil production, meet local refining demands by unlocking idle brownfields – Dr. Victor Ekpenyong

Dr. Victor Ekpenyong, CEO of Kenyon International, has revealed that Nigeria has the potential to significantly increase its oil production and meet local refining demands by tapping into its idle brownfields.

Dr Ekpenyong made the assertion in his presentation at the Oil Well Intervention Conference (OWIWA 2024) West Africa’s Leading Well Intervention Conference on Wednesday, May 29, 2024, at the Sheraton Hotel in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

He highlighted that the untapped potential of Nigeria’s brownfield sites, which are previously developed oil fields that are currently underutilised or inactive, represent a substantial opportunity to boost the nation’s declining oil output and local refining capacity, especially in the era of complete deregulation of the downstream sector and the removal of subsidies for petroleum prices.

“Nigeria has a wealth of underexploited brownfield sites that, with the right policy realignment, investment, and technological interventions, can be revitalised to enhance our oil production capabilities,”

“By unlocking these idle assets, we not only increase our oil production output but also ensure that we meet the now increasing local demand for refined products, reducing our dependence on imports, saving our foreign exchange, and strengthening our energy security.” said Dr Ekpenyong.

Kenyon International has been advocating for a renewed focus on developing the country’s brownfield sites. The company has demonstrated success in revitalising similar sites across Nigeria, bringing in innovative technologies and expertise to maximise production efficiency and economic returns.

“The benefits of focusing on brownfields are manifold,”.

“Apart from boosting production, it creates job opportunities, fosters local expertise, and stimulates economic growth. Furthermore, the environmental footprint is minimised compared to developing new greenfield sites, aligning with global sustainability goals.” Ekpenyong added

The CEO also emphasised the importance of collaboration between the government, private sector, and local communities to realise the full potential of these brownfields. “It is imperative that we create an enabling environment for investment and innovation. By working together, we can transform these dormant fields into productive assets that contribute significantly to Nigeria’s economy.”

Kenyon International is committed to leading the charge in this initiative, leveraging its extensive experience and cutting-edge technology to tackle oil theft and vandalism by containing spills and wildfires and restoring wells to production.

The company has deployed anti-theft technology to deter external interference, reactivate idle well assets, and boost production to unlock the value of Nigeria’s brownfields. It has also admonished operators to maintain high industry best practices by working with only competent contractors and deploying emerging technologies to tackle critical challenges in brownfield assets.

About Kenyon International

International West Africa Company Limited is one of Nigeria’s leading and fastest-growing energy servicing companies with robust technical expertise. It offers vital services such as well intervention, which incorporates e-line, slick line, coiled tubing services, well remediation, well control, and idle well management services.

The company has spearheaded many critical operations, including Well conversion, casing run operation on a wild cat well, slot recovery on AMKP110, installation of emergency casing head housing slip on AMKP1:24, well work-over, and drilling and completion of wells at OML99.

The Kenyon team has executed a well subsidence operation on AKASO04 and other specialist services, such as sealant technology deployment, for international and local operators. Its major milestones include stopping two major oil spills of national concern on Oloibiri 04 in Bayelsa and SBAR01 at the Santa Barbara River in Nembe, Bayelsa.

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