Nairametrics Financial Advocates Ltd ties contractual knot with Ranbrook Partners LP

Nairametrics Financial Advocates Limited is pleased to announce the appointment of Ranbrook Partners LP as its Legal Advisors and General Counsel.

This remarkable contractual agreement between the two organizations took place at the law office of Ranbrook Partners LP, located at Victoria Island Lagos.

The unveiling ceremony had in attendance both the Senior Executives of Nairametrics Financial Advocates Limited and Senior Associates of Ranbrook Partners LP.

The Founder of Nairametrics Financial Advocates Limited, Mr. Ugochukwu Obi-Chukwu, and the Principal Partner of Ranbrook Partners LP, Mr. Uyi Osemwegie were both present at the unveiling.

Nairametrics Financial Advocates Ltd, based in Lagos, Nigeria is a leading financial resource company with special focus on financial literacy and investor advocacy.

They provide financial management services to entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, retail investors, and other prospecting clients, with up to date business and investing guides and personal financial information from within Nigeria and the world at large.

In conjunction with her media partners, Nairametrics provides bespoke research services on corporate finance data, consumer price data, and pricing analytics for purchasing managers/procurement officers, and local & foreign investors interested in using data to drive decision making.

They also provide business news which helps to monitor, analyse, and report on financial information, as well as provide insights into the associated implications for both businesses and individuals.

On the other part, Ranbrook Partners (Legal Practitioners) is a full-service law firm with proven capacity to dispense legal issues on behalf of her clients in Nigeria’s peculiar economic and business environment.

They are strategically placed to offer top-quality legal services to their clients in most major areas of the Nigerian economy.

Their distinguishing character is predicated on the dedication to meet clients’ objectives while providing quality legal services.

As a team, they aid their clients in interpreting and analyzing the risks involved in their transactions and alleviate/restrict those risks by strategizing different types of risk management tools to achieve the best results.

Mr. Ugochukwu Obi-Chukwu stated that because Nairametrics is emerging as one of the most prominent financial resource and investor advocacy company in Nigeria, ‘‘there would not be a better option than to retain the services of one of the top-notch law firms in Nigeria, with expertise in Media, Entertainment and Financial Technology Law, to better serve her clients and subscribers.’’

He also reiterated that Ranbrook Partners LP shall be solely saddled with the responsibility of representing Nairametrics in all her legal and contractual matters.

In his remark, Mr. Uyi Osemwegie thanked Nairametrics for the opportunity accorded ‘the firm’ and assured her of the readiness of Ranbrook Partners LP to discharge their duties effectively and professionally, while ensuring that Nairametrics gets quality and timely legal services that will enable it achieve its set goals legally and in a prompt manner.

Source: Nairametrics

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