Muslim Lady Weeps Profusely During Her Jilbab Ceremony (Video)

Muslim Lady Weeps Profusely During Her Jilbab Ceremony (Video)

A video of a Muslim lady weeping during her jilbab ceremony has sparked mixed reactions online.

The video was shared to TikTok by a user, @amirsibesibe, who is a Muslim cleric.

He explained in his caption that to become a niqabite is not by force but a personal decision by the woman.

However, the woman in the video could be seen heartbroken and crying as she was being worn the veil.

Another niqabite was encouraging her, while also consoling her.

See Video Below;


Nobody Is Forcing Anyone To Do Niqabite Or Jilbab….. Its A Choice

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See some reactions to the video below;

@s@intbola ✌🏽🖤 said: “what I dey always wonder is that,if one eleha lost or kidnapped how dem go find her 😩😅”

@praizshekinah asked: “Why she Dey cry as if she did not know before 😒”

@Aliyuzenith stated: “please please….let just be inform them before the nikkah day that you will cover your face if she accept Fine ,if she will not accept because all dis crying 😭 showing that they are forcing them.”

@⛓️💥💋نجيبة🌺💯⛓️ added: “my dream is to become eleha”


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