Musk pleads with advertisers to return on X 

Musk pleads with advertisers to return on X 

The former world’s richest man, Elon Musk, who owns X, formerly known as Twitter, is extending a plea to advertisers, urging them to return to the platform despite recent controversies. 

The company made this known in a letter addressed to both current and former advertisers, CEO Linda Yaccarino emphasized X’s commitment to prioritizing child safety online.

This appeal comes at a time when owner Elon Musk dismissed concerns from advertisers regarding the platform. 

Yaccarino, following her participation in a congressional hearing on online safety, expressed X’s support for proposed online safety bills put forth by US lawmakers.

The message aims to set X apart from other social networks whose leaders are adopting a more cautious stance toward impending regulations according to Bloomberg who first reported the news. 

Despite claiming to be an entirely new entity from its predecessor Twitter, X has encountered challenges in curbing the spread of harmful and offensive content on its platform.

Recent instances, such as the struggle to manage disturbing images related to the Israel-Hamas conflict and blocking searches for Taylor Swift’s name due to deepfake content, have pushed forward these difficulties. 


Amidst the fallout from Elon Musk’s confrontational response to advertisers in November, X, formerly known as Twitter, is now witnessing efforts led by CEO Linda Yaccarino to mend relationships and entice advertisers back to the platform.

The CEO’s strategic move involves positioning X as a platform dedicated to ensuring the online safety of children, aligning its stance with proposed legislative measures. 


Walmart, the largest retailer in the United States, notably distanced itself from X, becoming the first major company to halt advertising on the platform due to Musk’s controversial remarks. This decision by Walmart signifies a pivotal moment as it marks a significant departure from X following Musk’s recent string of disparaging comments. 
Other notable companies, including Disney, IBM, and Sony, have also opted to withdraw their advertising from X, contributing to the platform’s challenges in retaining commercial partnerships. 

In the aftermath of these controversies and advertiser withdrawals, X is acutely aware of the pivotal role advertising plays in its revenue stream.

Yaccarino’s outreach efforts are a strategic move aimed at reshaping X’s image and rebuilding trust with commercial partners, recognizing the vital importance of advertisers for the platform’s financial sustainability.   

As X navigates these challenges, the overarching theme is a concerted effort to reposition itself, emphasizing commitments to child safety online and aligning with legislative measures.

The outcome of these endeavors will determine X’s trajectory as it seeks to regain confidence, rebuild relationships, and secure the continued support of crucial advertising partners. 


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