Movavi Video Suite Review: What Makes It Excellent?

Video content isn’t easy to make, especially without the right tools and software. There are many video editing programs available nowadays, but you can never be sure which one offers the tools and features you need.

Amidst all the continuously rising number of programs and packages, Movavi Video Suite proved to be one of the top software options.

About Movavi

Movavi is a company that offers a massive collection of multimedia programs that are designed to help editors and creators have fun with their videos, music, and photos. Movavi develops brilliant, easy-to-use software people can use to edit, enhance, and share their content. One of the best things they offer is a whole set of all of their programs for video editing, Movavi Video Suite.

Movavi Video Suite

Movavi Video Suite has it all. It’s a package of great editing tools, with it being a converter, an editor, a screen recorder, and many more. With Movavi Video Suite, you can convert media files, edit audio and videos, record screens, and use a mobile companion and media libraries.

Some of the best features Movavi Video Suite offers are:

  • Fast conversion of videos, images, and audios
  • Audio recording
  • Cutting, moving, and ordering video clips
  • Customizable texts
  • An array of filters and effects
  • Wide variety of audio options

System Requirements

Movavi Video Suite is now available in the 21.2.0 version, with a downloadable package size of 127.0 MB. Some of its supported languages include:

  • English
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Turkish

If you’re planning to download and use Movavi Video Suite, check all the system requirements and determine if it’s applicable for your device first. Movavi Video Suite can’t function properly or may end up not functioning at all if the system requirements aren’t met.

The system requirements of Movavi Video Suite are as follows:

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 with updated patches and service packs installed
  • Processor: Intel®, AMD®, or compatible dual-core processor, 1.5 GHz
  • Graphics card: Intel® HD Graphics 2000, NVIDIA® GeForce® series 8, AMD Radeon™ R600 or higher graphics card with up-to-date drivers
  • Display: 1280 by 768 screen resolution and 32-bit color
  • RAM: for Windows 7/8//10 – 2 GB RAM
  • Hard drive space: Requires 830 MB available space in the hard disk for installation and 2 GB more for ongoing operations

Movavi Video Suite Tools

Movavi Video Suite has an impressive collection of tools and services. The four main tools and programs included in the suite, especially under the video section, are for video editing, screen recording, burning discs, and converting media. These four features are the most used and performed activities by video editors and content creators.

Video Editor

Video editing is one of the most famous uses of Movavi Video Suite. With Movavi Video Suite’s versatile video editor, you can:

  • Make raw footage a complete movie
  • Make videos with a wide range of formats
  • Access and use Hollywood-worthy effects
  • Improve the quality of an image
  • Edit video and audio on a timeline

Screen Recorder

With Movavi Video Suite, you can also capture and record your screen. Movavi’s Screen Recorder is an efficient tool for recording your computer screen and creating high-quality screencasts. Some other features and benefits of the screen recorder include:

  • Exporting recordings to major formats
  • Scheduling and capture settings are easily customizable
  • Capturing program actions, live streams, Skype calls, and other screens
  • Sound recording from various sources at the same time


Movavi offers a powerful and easy-to-use converter that can help you enjoy your favorite videos, music, and photos on your device. Some of the features and actions you can do with Movavi’s converter include:

  • Conversion of images, videos, and audios
  • Fast conversion speed
  • Supports more than 180 formats and more than 200 device presets
  • Adjusting and normalizing sound
  • Crop, cut, merge, and improve qualities of any video, image, and audio

DVD/CD Burner

Are you having a hard time looking for an easy-to-use DVD or CD burner? Movavi Video Suite is the right choice. With Movavi Video Suite, you can burn DVDs, CDs, and Blu-ray discs. For a step-by-step guide on how to burn discs using Movavi Video Suite, go to this link.

Tools: Audio Section

Aside from the all-time favorite tools, there are tools developed and designed specifically for audio content. With Movavi Video Suite, users can also:

  • Convert audios
  • Burn audios to CD
  • Record audio or sound
  • Play music

Tools: Photo Section

Under the Photo section of Movavi Video Suite, users can:

  • Edit their photos
  • Convert their images to other formats
  • Create slideshows
  • Get access to Photo Manager

Tools: Data Section

This is one of the rarest tools for video editing and creation software. These tools deal with data and include:

  • Importing of AVCHD
  • Copying files disc to disc
  • Copying files from discs to hard drives
  • Burning images to discs
  • Trial for Stellar repair for a photo
  • Movavi PDF editor
  • Mobile companion


Aside from the main tools that Movavi Video Suite offers, it also has extra tools for users. Tools like:

  • Stock Content where you can view and purchase all other templates and packs.
  • Applications – all applications and tools can be viewed and accessed here, especially the free ones.
  • Online courses – these are free online courses where users can learn how to do things with Movavi Video Suite efficiently. Courses include various tutorials.
  • Community – this is similar to a social media platform for all Movavi Video Suite users, a community where they can interact and communicate with each other.

What Makes Movavi Video Suite the Best?

Movavi Video Suite is a reputable video creation package for anyone looking for tools to help them with creating video content. Its wide array of features and benefits put Movavi Video Suite at the top and makes it better than other video creation competitors. Movavi Video Suite also shows reliability and excellence in terms of price and plans with its benefits.

Movavi Video Suite Pricing and Plans

Movavi Video Suite is available for both Windows and Mac. It has three subscription plans aside from its Free Trial version. The plans and their prices are:

  • Video Suite – the price starts with $79.95 per year
  • Video Suite plus Picverse Photo Editor – the price starts at $99.95
  • Video Suite Business – the price starts at $199.95
  • Advantages of Movavi Video Suite

    Movavi Video Suite is more preferred by video creators and editors due to many reasons. Some of them are as follows.

    Easiest Software to Use

    Movavi Video Suite is undeniably the most effortless video editing and creation software that can be operated. People usually consider the complexity of programs when using them, and they lose interest in programs that are too challenging and complex to use. It has an intuitive interface that is specifically designed to make editing for users easy and straightforward. Movavi Video Suite also offers tutorials and an “Easy Mode” option that can help you in making a video.

    A Variety of Tools to Use for Editing and Creation

    Movavi Video Suite is packed with tools for different categories. Tools are divided according to their primary function, what they’re used for, for the best videos, photos, audios, and data.

    Handles Discs

    Video editing and creation software rarely supports and handles any disc. Luckily, Movavi video Suite can handle them. Such tasks like burning a CD, a DVD, or a Blu-ray disc are possible and easy.

    Secure and Safe

    Movavi has a lot to offer to ensure the security and support of their users. It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for users who experienced technical issues or other problems that they can’t solve. All payments in Movavi are also processed through the 2Checkout payment gateway, with the highest online security standards.

    Easy-to-Reach Support Team

    Movavi isn’t only safe and secured, it’s also reliable and easy to turn to. It offers 24/7 payment support for all questions about payments and transactions. It also offers software support for people who are having a hard time activating and using their programs.


    Movavi Video Suite is an excellent choice for your multimedia editing and conversions. While other software may be too complex to use, Movavi makes sure its program is easy to handle without sacrificing the many tools and features it can offer.

    Other programs also don’t have free trial apps or versions that users can try before purchasing a plan of the software. This is a crucial feature that most people look for since users want to make sure they understand the program and it has the aspects they need to produce their creation. Blindly purchasing the software the creator is unfamiliar with can just be a waste of money.

    The prices of the plans the Movavi Video Suite offers are also worth it since many features and benefits come with each of them.

    Overall, Movavi Video Suite is easy-to-use software with many high-quality tools and features to offer. If you’re looking for professional software, Movavi Video Suite is worth a try.

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