Lagos adds four names to sex offenders register

Lagos adds four names to sex offenders register

The Lagos Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency (DSVA) has published the details of four men convicted of sexual offences to deter others.

The identities of the offenders were made public on Thursday.

The details of the publication include the names and pictures of the sex convicts, the nature of their offence, and their jail terms.

According to the DSVA, it is giving an update on the publication of details of sex convicts as maintained by Lagos.

“Justice is served and serves as a warning to those who may consider such heinous act,” DSVA stated.

The agency stated that the four sex offenders were convicted for the offence of defilement and were sentenced by the Lagos State High Court.

The first offender is Momoh Isa, sentenced to life imprisonment. There was also Prince Tom, who also got a life sentence.

“The third offender, Ujong Ibiang, was also sent to life imprisonment while Emmanuel Gabriel, the fourth offender, was sentenced to 21 years’ imprisonment,” said the agency.

The DSVA appealed to the public to continue to demand justice for survivors.

It urged Lagos residents to report domestic or sexual violence by calling 08000333333. 


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