Kelly Pugnea biography, age, husband, Net worth

Kelly Pugnea biography, age, husband, Net worth

Kelly Pugnea biography, age, husband, Net worth

One of the ways some people are able to gain celebrity status is as a result of who they marry. In the US, for example, once the spouse is a celebrity, the other partner automatically shares a part of the celebrity status.

This is the case of Kelly Pungnea, who’s married to Lute Olson

For those who may not know, Lute Olson until his death in 2018, was an American basketball coach and was regarded as one of the very best in his profession.

In fact, he was a Hall of Famer. He was also the coach of the University of Arizona’s Basketball team.

While Kelly Pugnea became popular after her marriage to Lute Olson, she, however, is a private person and have been able to keep her personal life and issues away from the media.

Continue reading to see some of the details were able to dig up about Kelly Pugnea

Profile Summary
Name Kelly Pugnea
Age 58
Date of Birth 1963
Husband Lute Olson
Nationality American
Children two

Kelly Pugnea’s Biography

The main detail you will find about Kelly Pugnea is that she’s the wife of the late American coach Lute Olson who trained many prominent teams during his coaching days.

Aside from the above, there are only little details available about Kelly Pugnea.

She was born in 1963, but her birth date and month are unknown. She clocked 58 in 2021. Also, there are details on her educational background as well as her childhood experience.

Kelly doesn’t have any social media account; therefore, it is difficult for the media to run a check on her.

Before getting married to Lute Olson in 2008, she had two children. She is also the late basketball coach, third wife and also the longest that stayed with him. They were together for over ten years before his demise in 2018.

Kelly Pugnea’s husband

Before meeting Kelly, Lute Olson had been previously married to Roberta “Bobbi” Russell, who is his first wife; their wedding dates back to 1953; she, however, died in 2001.

In 2003, he married Christine Jack Toretti, but they divorced, and went their separate ways.

Lute then married Kelly Pugnea on 2nd October 2008, and she became his third wife. He’s a father of five children, namely Jodi, Greg, Steve, Vicki, and Christie, whom he had from his three wives.

During his coaching career, the late Lute Olson coached teams like Wildcats, California State University, and the University of Arizona team, where he was the head coach for 25 years and won some trophies. He received some personal honours, and they include the Basketball hall of fame, the National Collegiate Basketball hall of fame, Naismith Basketball of fame.

In 1997, he led the Wildcats to the national championship finals and also made more than three final appearances with his team.

Lute had 781 career victories to his name, with 589 of them coming from the University of Arizona team.

Kelly Pugnea net worth

While there are no details about her net worth, she leaves a comfortable life thanks to her late husband, Lute Olson.

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