“I’ve built two houses for my mum this year” Yhemolee defends himself amidst backlash

“I’ve built two houses for my mum this year” Yhemolee defends himself amidst backlash

In a recent turn of events, Yhemo Lee, has taken to Instagram to set the record straight. Following a wave of backlash stemming from his comments on financial priorities in relationships, YhemoLee revealed his own generous acts towards his mother, countering the public’s negative perception.

He proudly announced that he had built not one, but two houses for his mother this year, challenging the narrative that he neglects his familial responsibilities.

Yhemo Lee’s comments originated from “The Bad and Boujee Podcast,” co-hosted by Tolani Baj and Moet Abebe. In a candid moment, he expressed his affinity for women often labeled as ‘gold diggers,’ interpreting their interest as a testament to his own success. He also mentioned a preference among men to lavish their girlfriends with gifts rather than financially assisting their mothers. This statement, however, was part of a broader conversation, a 1-hour-14-minute podcast, which was reduced to a mere 25-second clip, sparking the initial controversy.

The podcast also featured personal revelations from the co-hosts. Tolani Baj declared her preference for men with passports, aligning with her love for travel. Moet Abebe, on the other hand, expressed her reluctance to date men living in the mainland area, a statement that highlights the diversity of preferences in the dating world. Tolani Baj, while open to dating mainland residents, emphasized the importance of her partner’s willingness to commute to the island where she resides.

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