“It is not a Nollywood disaster, people die every week” – Actor Ugezu Ugezu

“It is not a Nollywood disaster, people die every week” – Actor Ugezu Ugezu

In a recent development, actor Ugezu Ugezu has taken to Instagram to share his opinion following a timely passing of his fellow colleague, late Junior Pope.

He shared a statement on his Instagram page as he expressed how inevitable death is. He told his fans and followers that bankers and police officers and other professionals die every other week, that the only difference was that there were no clear data on citizens who die monthly.

He further stated that while entertainers and their deaths are domiciled publicly was simply because BS is the one that will go viral. He further revealed that it did that there was no spiritualism to it and that rather it was more of a system failure.

In his words, he had this to say.

“If only you knew how many bankers who kpai every week…if only you knew how many police officers who kpai every month…if only you knew how many pastors/priests who kpai every month…if only we have a clear data on citizens that kpai monthly, we may settle down and understand the systematic destruction of the health sector.

Entertainers are domiciled publicly and theirs go viral always. Time has come to expunge spiritualism from clear system failure. It is not just a Nollywood disaster like many allude.


Ugezu J. Ugezu Writes.”

Now also, recall that actor Ugezu Ugezu back in January of 2024 had revealed how Nigerian ancestors were against patriarchy.

He revealed that Nigerian ancestors gave their women access to control a lot of things. He further disclosed that even before the patriarchal invaders started to figure out what they can do with the women, the Nigerian ancestors had already given them political power.

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