Iran Launched Over 300 Projectiles

Iran Launched Over 300 Projectiles

Israel’s Armed Forces have successfully intercepted 99% of the over 300 projectiles launched by Iran, according to Israel Armed Forces spokesman, Daniel Hagari.

The intense military engagement comes as tensions continue to escalate in the region.

Hagari detailed that among the incoming projectiles were approximately 30 cruise missiles and over 120 ballistic missiles.

Remarkably, none of the cruise missiles breached Israeli defenses, and only a few of the ballistic missiles managed to enter Israeli territory.

Despite some of the missiles striking the Nevatim airbase, only minor infrastructure damage was reported, and the base remains fully operational.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, Hagari noted that Iraq and Yemen also participated in the assault against Israel, though none of their projectiles reached Israeli soil.

Additionally, “dozens” of rockets were fired from Lebanon towards northern Israel.

In response, Israel conducted retaliatory strikes targeting various locations in Lebanon.

Despite the barrage, Israel reported no casualties, although a 10-year-old girl was severely injured by shrapnel.

Hagari emphasized the severity of Iran’s actions, stating, “Iran did something very serious, very severe this night, as it pushed the Middle East toward escalation. We will do whatever is necessary in order to defend the citizens of the state of Israel.”

The situation remains fluid, with Israel maintaining high alert and the international community watching closely as events unfold.

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