I’m doing Nigerians favours being in Buhari regime instead of screaming as activist: Keyamo

I’m doing Nigerians favours being in Buhari regime instead of screaming as activist: Keyamo

Festus Keyamo, Minister of State for Labour and Employment, has claimed he is doing Nigerians favours by being in the government of a former dictator, President Muhammadu Buhari, rather than wasting his time “screaming” on behalf of the masses.

Mr Keyamo is also the spokesman for the All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Council.

“There are things you can try to do in 15 years when you are outside the corridors of power that you can achieve for the masses in five minutes instead of 15 years,” the ex-human rights activist explained. “Why do I say five minutes? I’m a member of the Federal Executive Council. I have the opportunity to speak on behalf of Nigerians every week inside that chamber.” 

The lawyer and human rights activist-turned-politician stated this in a TVC News interview on Thursday night, explaining that his being in the APC regime has a better impact on the lives of the masses than activism.

“So, instead of screaming from one TV station to radio station for 15 years, trying to make my point, if the president recognises me when I raise my hand in council, to make my point and in two, three minutes I make my point, and the president accepts my point and rules in favour of me, I have achieved a lot for the Nigerian people in just five minutes,” Mr Keyamo reasoned. “That’s how it is.”

Mr Keyamo told Nigerians to “realise that being in government is the one of the biggest favour you can do, especially when you are pro-masses.” 

Last October, Dele Momodu, the Director of Strategic Communications of the National Election Management Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party, excoriated Mr Keyamo for his role in the APC regime and promotion of the Bola Tinubu presidential candidacy.

“Let me take a few minutes to educate this young friend of mine who has since become a shadow of his old self since he was offered an appointment that makes him look so incompetent by President Muhammadu Buhari,” Mr Momodu had stated, pointing out that “any self-respecting soul would have since resigned, but Festus Keyamo was not at home the day shame came visiting.”

According to the PDP chieftain, the ministry in which Mr Keyamo’s “a mere figurehead is in total shambles.” 

Mr Momodu added, “As for that political neophyte called Keyamo, he still has a lot to learn while trying hard to be a lap dog. He should be reminded that he is still a Minister of State of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, paid at taxpayers’ expense. He should learn to moderate his undue exuberance.”

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