I was Bullied, Called Ugly While Growing Up — Actress Beverly Naya

I was Bullied, Called Ugly While Growing Up — Actress Beverly Naya

Nollywood actress Beverly Naya has opened up about how she was bullied and called ugly while she was growing up.

The actress shared this experience in a recent interview with popular media personality Chude.

She mentioned that she was bullied at a young age and that she was always getting attacked verbally and physically by her friends because of her looks.

Naya said, “My formative years, I was always getting bullied for one thing or the other and so no matter what school I was in, I always felt like there was always going to be something that I was going to get attacked for.

“So, when I was younger, I was an ugly duckling. I wasn’t cute. I don’t care what my mom says. I was not a cute kid.

“I had crooked teeth, eczema, I just didn’t look good as far as I was concerned, and as far as people around me were concerned. I used to get called ‘snakeskin, buck teeth, light bulb head, football legs’ just different kinds of stuff and then I just blossomed.

”My skin cleared, I got braces, I just kind of blossomed. And I started to kind of feel beautiful for the first time in my life around 16 and I think I probably was owning it a bit too much for some people in my school.

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“I got bullied for that and it really broke me, because I was like ‘look, I can’t win’. When I was younger, I was getting bullied for being ugly and unattractive, and now I finally feel like I’m beautiful and I’m trying to own it.”

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