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With over 30,000 copies of her latest album titled Kosobabire sold last week through Gospel Vibe, Mobolaji Olayinka Oniyo, aka, Paslmos, a songwriter and gospel artiste spoke to Adeola Ogunlade about her latest album, her marriage, career and message to Christians as we exit lockdown


What prompted this latest album Kosabire?

Actually, the album had existed before the lock down. I had the album which was produce from a concert we had in 2019. One thing I know is that God always go ahead of everything that we do because he is in charge of the whole world. I think God gave us that mandate and that vision because of what was coming ahead. During the lock down, a lot of people stumbled on it on Youtube and watch and I have heard lots of testimonies. It was more like a companion for so many people and its really blessed them.

What is your favourite track in the album?

Each song has a story and I am attached to all of them but the one I really love is How Great Thou Hath, partly because of the way I got the song. God prompted me to sing and I wrote the song. The lyrics were powerful. That song took me to the heavenlies, somewhere I really loved, so I liked it.

Actually, some of my songs came with experience. This one did not come with experience. I can’t remember what I was doing, but l got a prompt in my spirit. After I sang the song, I had to stay in God’s presence before I could get myself back. There were other songs that came with experience.

Your songs are original and soul lifting, how did you come about those songs

The songs I sang in the album were all my original works to the glory of God, except two songs Monibaba and Egbega Egbega which I feature Mummy Tope Alabi. One of my songs Orintuntun ni mako, Yes, he turn my life around.  I head it in my dream where I saw a large choir singing the song and by the time I work up, I started singing it, then, my husband know how God give me songs, his phone is always close to him to record them. Sometimes, I don’t remember those songs if I don’t record them immediately.

Are there others ways that you get your songs other than dreams?

I get my songs majorly through my experiences. I have been through a lot and have a lot of experiences and am still in it because am on a journey with God. Most times, I now realize that the things I go through and how God bring me out are indeed amazing. There was a time that l fall ill a lot and I kept asking God to heal me and God healed me. Today, I know that God has given me the power to heal and as many that are sick that listen to my songs, they will be healed. One of the track in my album-Miracle Agenda came when I heard Tuberculosis and it was a terrifying period in my life. I keep asking God to heal me and I kept confessing it until I got my healing.  You have to believe in the power of God. This song- Agbara to ji oku dide. You have to believe in the power of God. The bible says they that know their God, they shall be strong and do exploits.

Did you see singing as a talent and at what point did you think that God want to use you as a gospel artist?

I still don’t believe there is a big deal in it. This is because as a child, I love music. As a child, if I have malaria, and I hear a song, I will stand up and dance. I will sweat out the malaria. Though, growing up, I did not take recognize of it. Overtime, what made me to meet my husband in CLAM, he was a keyboardist, producer and voice trainer. I don’t know what he saw in me. God must have spoken to him. He kept believing in me. When I sing, he kept seeing a better voice inside of me.

Where you the only vocalist in the choir that he (husband) sighted you? Smile 

When I join the choir, the music director will give me solo and send me to him (my husband) to perfect my lines and the rest today is history

Did you see gospel music as a career?

I never saw music as a career. I just loved it. I was working in the bank. I had my career in the bank.  It was God that prompted me when it was time. God used one of my boss to tell me that I am a vessel in the hand of God. God, must have spoken to her about me. Life is a jorney. Then, I did not take it serious. God,  later caterported me back to the church. My first day in CLAM, where I met my husband, I was broken, I was in tears and I rededicated my life to Jesus. God told me at that point that this was where I belong.  That day, I join the church choir the very day I joined the church.

How did you meet Tope Alabi?

I knew her from a very long time. I met her first in Oshogbo, Osun state and that day we connected to each other. We were at a programme together.  Over the years, we lost contact and we reconnected back two years ago and it was so strong. It is better for God to connect you, than you doing the connection yourself. Since God reconnect us back, its has been from glory to glory.

When did your produce your first album?

My first album was in 2007

You put so much energy in your songs?

It is function of divine strength because most times, when I minister, sometimes am just there and even me myself, I wonder. I have no strength of my own. It is God. My latest concert was just God all through. Most times, when l minister most times, am just there but the moment I pick the microphone, God took over.

How many hours did you spend rehearsing your latest album?

We rehearsed for over a month vigorously, even at that, it was God that gave us the speed. Sometimes, you can rehease for six months and there will be mistakes. God helped and supported us.

Did you have your fears before the concert?

It is normal. I had my fears but the bible says, God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of sound mind. My fear brought us to the level of praying and trusting in God and we were not disappointed. We must learn to live everything in the hands of God.

Are you in competition with any of the gospel artist?

There is no competition in the body of Christ, everyone have their uniqueness in ministry. The reason we have concert and sometimes 10 ministers are called upon to minister is because one will discover that as each artists has different grace and the people of God are blessed. We have different uniqueness in ministries. You can’t target the style of another artist, if you do, you will lose your originality and your glory will be lost as you will be only helping to promote somebody else glory. I don’t believe in competition, do what God has called you do. Though, I rehearse so I can get a better me. It is better to be a better me than be like somebody.

Can you feature in secular music?

It depends if they will allow me to sing what I want to sing. They will not influence my lyrics. If am singing and I want to preach through that medium, please allow me. Also, if God allow me. If I pray about it and God says, you can go ahead. The bible says go ye into the world and preach the gospel to every creature. If a secular artistes that has a name and has huge fan based and call on me to feature in his or her song, I am going to use the medium to preach the gospel. For anyone to call me in the first place knows who I stand for. I can only minister in a secular music to preach the gospel. For you to call me in the first place means that you are semi-saved.

Frank Edward last year said that if you want to make money, don’t be gospel musician, will that influence you from joining a secular musician if you are called upon?

It is not about the money, the reason for going is important. It is not about the money, it is the gospel. God has given this voice to me and if you want to hear me, it is the message of Jesus that am going to preach there. If along the way, you bless me, oh glory to God. The riches of the gentiles are mine. Money is good. I am not disputing that but the love of money is not it at all. Money should not be the reason behind everything at the same time; you don’t take us for granted. 

Managing the home front and ministration?

My husband, who is also my producer understand the kind of work we do. It is easier because we do the same thing.

Are you thinking of collaborating with some of the A list gospel singer?

I am a royal Priesthood. Once, you know who you are, be open to anything good. I am open to everything good.

Where are Your dream for the future?

I don’t want to unveil them now. I have some works I have planned. I am on a journey with God and it is God that tells me now is the time. God told few months back that do you know I determine your pace. It was like I was hearing it from the first time. God told, he determine when I move, pause, move, and when to turn to at every give point in time.

Nigeria just clock 60th, some of your fans are yet to recover from the economic crises occasioned by the lock-down, what is your advise.

God said, that this is the season of restoration. This season and time, you will pursue, overtake and recover everything that has been lost. You will recover everything. When God restores, he bring new things and he bring them in full. Don’t worry; it is your season of restoration. You are coming out stronger.  You will recover all and come out better. I pray that everyone who have listen to my songs should have testimonies of God’s grace.

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