How to throw a Lagos party and make money off it

How to throw a Lagos party and make money off it

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Disclaimer: If you are not interested in making money and you’re comfortable sponsoring everything, please by all means that is also an awesome plan.

Do you know that you can throw a very dope Lagos party with about little money and still make more money off it? I’ll take it one at a time. Firstly, let’s talk about how to throw a Lagos party.

For my 24th birthday I threw a party with not so much money and here’s how I did it.

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Make Friends and attend their events: If you want this to work, you need to have a lot of friends, so if you don’t have friends and you want to try all these tips, then go and start making friends, on social media, physically e.t.c. Be friendly to people, attend their own parties and also spend when you attend their parties, even if it’s just spraying N10,000. Just attend.
Get a Party Packager: Now, a party/event packager does everything for you. This is different from an event planner though they have similarities. So a packager usually knows a lot of ballers and they know how to hype your party in a way that ballers would want to attend. Now, who are ballers? Ballers are the ones who would make you the money. So typically, people who love clubbing, love going out. In fact, some clubs pay ballers to attend their events, but once you have a packager, you don’t need to pay a baller, because of the relationship between the packager and the ballers, as the ballers would attend. My favourite packager in Lagos right now is @onlyonebme on IG. He’s great at it.
Location: The packager would get you a venue and, preferably a lounge or club and they strike a deal with the club. I’ll talk about this further when I’m talking about making money.
Extras: Get a decorator, a photographer and a dope DJ, the packager can get you a decorator but for an awesome party, I have a couple of DJs I’d recommend; DJ Yorgzy, DJ Shawn, DJ Lexah, DJ Bellamy, DJ Therapy. Your party can never go wrong with these DJs. The packager can bargain with all of them because of his/her relationship with these people.

Now let’s talk about how to make money. So what happens is that for this party, we’re going to go Club style, everyone who is coming to celebrate you will pay for their drinks (although you’d have to pre-inform them). Now, remember that I earlier said the packager needs to have a deal with the lounge/club. So the packager informs the lounge that ballers would be attending the event and guaranteed that a minimum number of drinks (bottles) would be sold. They then agree on a percentage that would come to you per bottle (sold). And that is how you make money and this is asides from those that would spray money, because what is a Lagos party without spraying money? Lol.

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Also, make sure that your packager is monitoring the activities going on that night, so you do not lose out.  Lastly, don’t forget that you’ll also pay the packager a percentage of what you’d be earning. This would finger him/her to do a great job.

I really hope with these few points of mine, I’ve been able to convince you that you can throw a Lagos party and still make money off it. I hope you had fun reading. You can see snippets of my 24th birthday party by clicking the YouTube link, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, share, like and drop a comment. I love you all.

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