Funke Akindele Reveals How D’banj Inspired Her To Keep ‘Jenifa’ Brand Alive

Funke Akindele Reveals How D’banj Inspired Her To Keep ‘Jenifa’ Brand Alive

Funke Akindele, a Nollywood actress and box office filmmaker, has said that God used musician D’banj to communicate to her in order to keep her famed Jenifa brand alive.

The award-winning actress claimed at the singer’s 20-year anniversary dinner on Friday, that he was the one who inspired her to keep the brand on fire.

According to her, she met the singer for the first time in a club, and he asked whether she was working on further sequences to Jenifa, which he adored, but she said no.

This astonished the controversial singer because he pointed out that Jenifa is a valuable brand that she should continue to milk and feast on.

To show his support for her, he gave her money to work on additional sequences, which resulted in Jenifa’s Return.

She said, “After the big break with Jenifa, everybody loved Jenifa so much, I was out there and everyone was celebrating me so much. I was invited to a club where I met Dbanj for the first time and he gave me his number and inquired if there is a sequence to Jenifa, I told him No and he questioned why as he noted how Jenifa is a brand I can feast on for the rest of my life. He told me that when I have a brand, you feed on the brand, you milk the brand very well and make money out of it. Out of his pocket, he gave me money and said I should go write another Jenifa and he supports me with the money”.

The movie star also lauded him for being a movement, stating that he is more than just a singer.

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Funke went on to say that his music has brought joy to people’s hearts, and that his legacy will go on forever.

“Dbanj you’re more than just a musician, you’re a movement! Your music has brought joy to our hearts, and your legacy will live on forever”.


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